Is your company or organization suffering from strategic missteps, toxic conflict, a lack of accountability by team members, or other problems stemming from bad team dynamics or leadership?

We can find the cure for what’s making your company and its teams suffer.

VIVO Team Development works with CEOS, COOs, Human Resources executives and entrepreneurs of leading corporations; organizations and government departments to build individual and team performance – allowing them to energize and engage their teams, vastly improve their performance and reach and exceed their goals.

Our Consulting Practice focuses on six core areas, which combine to help you maximize your team’s performance and your company’s business potential:

  • Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Navigation
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Executive Performance
  • Increased Team Performance



“Renee was instrumental in re-focusing our company on long term goals when we were stuck in the day-to-day. She gave us the direction, environment and tools we needed to look forward effectively, which had the commensurate effect of binding us together toward common goals and re-invigorating the present.

On the personal side, her low key and disarming approach helped create an atmosphere of trust and support in the room which lead to real innovation. I would recommend her to companies large and small.” – Pete Mitchell – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Vancouver Film Studios

VIVO Team Development organizes and facilitates sessions of all sizes and kinds, and can bring together any number of people to collaborate, share ideas and perspectives and communicate effectively.

This involves establishing everyone’s level of understanding and involvement, then creating an actionable plan.

Whenever and wherever you need a group of people to come together, a facilitated session can improve results. Among the many kinds of gatherings we can facilitate for you are strategic planning sessions, stakeholder meetings, envisioning sessions, brainstorming meetings, management meetings & processes; critical conversations and highly focused internal project meetings.



“Renée Safrata and her team truly helped inject new life into our organization with her winning process and methodology… helping us achieve greater clarity and synergy.” – Melissa Grant – former VP Corporate Marketing and Communications, Playground – An Intrawest Company

Change is seldom easy, but it’s essential for your business and teams to thrive.

When your company has a new vision or key strategic direction, everyone must embrace that vision (fast!) so that together you can achieve new levels of success. But when team members don’t understand the vision, or actively resist it, the result can be poor performance, and the creation of a toxic environment.

VIVO Team Development accelerates the ‘change learning curve’ and heightens your team’s ability to embrace change and direct their energy towards meeting new goals and striving for your new vision.

We do that by bringing in new meeting structures; ensuring team members are aligned with new strategies; and making everyone feel accountable for executing priorities. And we make change permanent by enhancing your team’s abilities with new skill sets that enable them to work together better. That increases productivity – and can improve team retention during periods of change by up to 400%.



“Renée has had a great deal of success and generated significant value at Habañero by bringing her rarified abilities to diagnose and realize opportunities to improve inter-personal relationships and team function. Renée has become a valued trusted advisor to our company.” – Steven Fitzgerald – President Habanero Consulting Group

Interpersonal conflict between your team members can make your workplace toxic – and make it impossible to reach your goals. Brewing conflict, interpersonal disruption and corporate turf-wars can grow like a disease that affects everyone on your team, and destroys productivity.

Symptoms like high absenteeism and lateness help you recognize something is wrong, but cause can be hard to identify before it’s too late because it often simmers under the surface.

Our treatment for conflict situations begins by diagnosing the situation using our Vital Statistics Report, which identifies core problem areas, and bring those results to a facilitated session where your team can discuss the problem collectively, deal head-on with unfinished business, and resolve conflict in a way that gets your team headed back on track.

We then develop customized Team Solution Modules to address specific concerns by teaching team members new skills and improve their emotional intelligence so that they can better address future conflicts head-on in a positive way, learn to navigate solutions, and hold one another accountable for the team’s shared success.



“Playground/Intrawest quickly realized that we needed to restructure our overhead and workforce. There was an imminent need to become leaner, sharper, and more efficient. But how do we ask for more productivity of fewer people? Renée understands clearly that Playground’s greatest asset is its people and she has the wonderful ability to bring the best out of everyone while maintaining the integrity and culture of the company.” – Jean-Pierre Miramont Playground/Intrawest Executive Vice-President EMEA

If even some of your team members are unclear on your company’s goals, think you don’t have any, or think the goals change too often – you’re in trouble. That’s because when your team members don’t understand and share your company’s goals their productivity can drop by as much as 43%.

But you’re not alone: a recent study showed that on average, only 15% of people could identify their company’s top goals and priorities. We can change that.

VIVO Team brings a unique set of solutions to the table to analyze your teams’ understanding of your goals, then engage and energize your team to achieve them.

It begins with our Vital Statistics Report, and continues with a series of modules through which we:

  • Implement processes that enhance awareness and understanding of goals;
  • Introduce structures that improve communication;
  • Ensure that everyone is aware of how their priorities relate to corporate goals and objectives;
  • Create quantifiable measures that help track goal achievement, and ensure everyone is held accountable for their part in helping to achieve them.



“Working with Renée through this challenge was a very rewarding learning experience for me. I was able to become much more self-aware and better manage how I showed up with my team. This helped me re-earn their trust and respect and we are now stronger and more effective than we have ever been.” – Peter John M. Director, Service Delivery

When two of your most critical team members don’t see eye to eye, their personal conflict can prevent the collaboration needed to achieve results. And the harm can quickly spread from the two of them to affect an entire team’s performance – and your company’s bottom line.

VIVO Team Development works with individual executives to get them back on track by analyzing the situation and their behavior, then identifying ways to help them learn to behave differently. This includes working with individuals to increase their leadership skills sets; facilitating critical conversations to increase trust, and providing skills training for improved communication and feedback.



“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have comes across Renée and have benefited greatly from the service she provided our company. In a short period of time our staff has been employing the communications techniques she imparted and it has made a noticeable difference in our productivity. I not only would recommend Renée I would urge every company to hire her.” Margaret Mardirossian, President of Anaid Productions

You’ve gathered an exceptionally talented group of people to form a team, with the expectation that their variety of skills and strengths will make them incredibly productive. But it’s not working – despite their individual abilities, together they are unfocused, uncertain of their goals, spinning their wheels and missing their deadlines.

VIVO Team’s Vital Statistics Report identifies and analyzes the key problems that are holding back your team’s productivity. Those problems can range from individuals feeling disconnected from the company’s goals, to poor leadership and communication, to faulty meeting structures.

Once identified, we’re able to work with your team to solve the problems using our library of Team Solution Modules.

These focus on key areas designed to improve communication, increase shared knowledge and facilitate ongoing quality meetings. Through regular and effective team improvement exercises, we help raise understanding of the goals and help teams learn how to regularly measure priorities.