We Train Leaders to Build Productive Teams


Teams are a reflection of their leaders. Good leaders boost employee engagement, increase trust, build better relationships and get more done in less time. Talent development is simple: The better your leaders, the higher functioning your teams, the better your business results.


At Vivo we diagnose, train and track with our Leadership Development Training so that companies can develop their leaders, managers and supervisors with the requisite skills that will increase the company’s ability to perform and be more profitable.


Our training solutions provide leaders, managers and supervisors with key skills that will increase the company’s ability to perform and be more profitable. Through a combination of group training and individual application sessions, a Vivo Team expert helps leaders increase their abilities and confidence with strategies, insights and support so they can deal with and resolve real-time challenges. This allows leaders to get specific, direct, helpful feedback, feedforward and follow-up so they can improve their leadership skills.



Training Methodology:

Only at Vivo will you find the three pillars of successful workforce training and development all in one place:


Workforce Analytics

We love data. It provides insight into the efficiency of your talent and workplace culture by clearly showing what’s working and what areas need improvement.  Our initial assessment provides the data set that helps drive decisions about your company’s development needs.


Assessing again when training is complete shows the impact training has made on both individuals and your bottom line. It also ensures you see a measurable return on your training investment.


Spaced Learning

Effective, long-term learning is rarely achieved by a one-off event. Enter Spaced Learning, a new, research-based and highly effective approach to learning design and talent development.


A proven strategy to help people learn more quickly and remember better, Spaced Learning is a series of short, intense training sessions with a break to allow people a chance to apply. When training reconvenes, the learning objectives are repeated so there is no “assimilation” lag time: learners can see the change by practicing and implementing their training right away.


Program is delivered Live, Online and Instructor-Led

No same-old-same-old, pre-recorded learning here! All Vivo training is engaging, live and dynamic. Sessions are recorded and sent out after they are completed.


The online environment is ideal for unifying and building teams and leaders, Participants can be in multiple locations wherever there is a high-speed internet connection. You set the schedule within the “flow of the workday.”


Leadership Development Training sessions are delivered via Adobe Connect.


Participants are required to be on their own computers headsets, for optimal online engagement webcams are recommended but not mandatory.



Program Structure

Vivo’s Leadership Development Programs are delivered over 4 months. We’re committed to ensuring training is relevant to your leaders’ real-time, real-life issues. 60% of the Vivo Team’s Leadership Development program consists of practical, interactive training models, scenarios and techniques in a live, online, video-based group setting. 40% consists of each learner receiving 1-to-1 application sessions to work on specific employee issues. The combination of theory and practical, applicable tools delivered in the “flow of the workday” makes it easier for leaders to transfer their learning into the workplace so that it is meaningful and immediately useful.


There are three, 4-month modules. Once the first module is complete, leaders can move onto the more advanced modules. The big goal over the three modules is for leaders to develop a commitment to activating people’s talents while focusing on results.


  • Module 1 – Develops leaders by teaching them a proven Leadership model. Participants are presented with opportunities to apply the model in 1-to-1 situations to specific on-the-job situations. This module also digs deep into Accountability – The Six Steps to Painless Performance Improvement.
  • Module 2 – Deepens leader’s skills in how to apply the leadership model and how to apply the core soft skills to increase leaders’ collaborative power and influence. This module is designed for leaders who want to take their skills to the next level. A key is to shift from focusing on one’s own performance to developing others.
  • Module 3 – As you progress up the leadership ladder the skill of prioritizing becomes more critical. Fail to do this and you’re likely to feel overwhelmed. In Module 3, you take your insights from your previous modules to integrate cross-functional perspectives in decisions, handle complexity, manage politics, sell ideas to senior leaders, select and develop managers for high performance.


The program includes 16 hours of online instructor-led classroom training and 16 hours of pre and post work.



Week 1      Leader Assessment – Start

Week 2      How Smart Leaders Bring Out the Genius in People – Part I

Week 3      How Smart Leaders Bring Out the Genius in People – Part 2

Week 4      Application Session 1 – 1-to-1 with Vivo Expert

Week 5      Diagnosing Competence and Motivation

Week 6      Application Session 2 – 1-to-1 with Vivo Expert

Week 7      Matching Leader Style to Competence and Motivation Levels

Week 8      Application Session 3 – 1-to-1 with Vivo Expert

Week 9      Accountability: The Skill and Will of Getting Things Done – Part 1

Week 10     Accountability: The Skill and Will of Getting Things Done – Part 2

Week 11     Application Session 4 – 1-to-1 with Vivo Expert

Week 12     Mentoring and Coaching for Talent Development

Week 13     Application Session 5 – 1-to-1 with Vivo Expert

Week 14     Key Topics Review Session

Week 15     Leader Assessment – Final

Week 16     Final Exam


Learning Objectives:

To provide training solutions to empower leaders, managers and supervisors with job specific
soft-skill training in leadership and management.


Leader Assessment

Participants will be assessed with the Leader Assessment, the Vital Statistics Report™ both at the beginning and the end of the training. Participants will also be polled within each module to track ongoing learning and retention and engagement.


A sample image from the VSR™


Leader Training Page

Training includes an interactive online leader page for increased engagement and learning through micro-learning.

This image illustrates a typical leader page, an opportunity for participants to access training tips and techniques, link to the previous session recording, watch a video-tip, or participate in a poll, review the next sessions play-of –the-day plus, ask Vivo Team any question that they require increased clarification.


Anticipated Outcomes

Participants report an increased confidence in knowing how to lead, manage and develop others. They have learned a specific set of competencies to support their day-to-day assessment of expectations and method to keep others on track with continuous interactions and behavioral feedback, feedforward and follow-up.


Total Training Hours = 32 hours


Course Pricing

  • $4,997.00 per participant includes proprietary assessment (delivered twice), models, content, ebooks, online platform for training delivery plus ongoing polls, tracking and live instructor and recording.


Course Capacity (number of participants)

  • 10 to 30 per cohort concurrently (with more than 30 we can separate into separate cohorts)
  • If there are less than 10 participants from one company, Vivo Team combines participants into a Multi-Company Leadership program.


Participants each receive and are asked to read in preparations for the program, two ebooks by Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC.

  • Leadership for Einsteins: How Smart Leaders Bring Out the Genius in People
  • Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance

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