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At Vivo we diagnose, train and track with our Team Productivity Training, so that companies can increase their ability to perform and grow. As a result of our team training, teams become more functional and productive and employees gain insights and confidence on how to become a member of a highly functioning team. Within our Team Productivity Training, we work on team competence, motivation and collaboration within the context of six soft skill areas identified as productivity indicators of high performance – Communication, Feedback, Structures, Accountability, Cohesion and Emotional Intelligence.

“It was transformative learning, not informative learning. We learned, really learned how to change our team behaviour. And we learned in a way we could repeat and measure.”

Catalin Velicea, MODO – The Car Coop


Training Methodology:

Only at Vivo Team will you find the three pillars of successful workforce training and development all in one place:


Workforce Analytics

We love data. It provides insight into the efficiency of your talent and workplace culture by clearly showing what’s working and what areas need improvement.  Our initial team assessment provides the data set that helps drive decisions about your team development needs.

Assessing again when training is complete shows the impact training has made on both individuals and your bottom line. It also ensures you see a measurable return on your training investment.


Spaced Learning

Effective, long-term learning is rarely achieved by a one-off event. Enter Spaced Learning, a new, research-based and highly effective approach to learning design and talent development.

A proven strategy to help people learn more quickly and remember better, Spaced Learning is a series of short, intense training sessions with a break to allow people a chance to apply. When training reconvenes, the learning objectives are repeated so there is no “assimilation” lag time: learners can see change by practicing and implementing their training right away.


Program is delivered Live, Online and Instructor-Led

No same-old-same-old, pre-recorded learning here! All Vivo Team training is engaging, live and dynamic. Sessions are recorded and sent out after they are completed.

The online environment is ideal for unifying and building teams and leaders, Participants can be in multiple locations wherever there is a high-speed internet connection. You set the schedule within the “flow of the workday.”

Team Productivity Training participants will receive instruction online through Adobe Connect.

Participants are required to be on their own computers headsets, for optimal online engagement webcams are recommended but not mandatory.


Program Structure

Our team modules are all conducted once per week for 4 months. You can complete all three modules in the Team Program over the course of 12 months or you can space them out and complete them over a longer period.

Each session consists of immediately applicable models, techniques, polls, scenarios, interactive role-play, live Q and A and discussion.

Each 4-month module comprises of training sessions on the two lowest of the key indicators. There are three possible modules in the Team Productivity Program. Participants will be required to commit 2 hours per week to training: 1 hour per week for live online training and 1 hour per week in pre-and post-work.


Module 1

  • Key Indicator 1 & 2 (Communication plus, the lowest indicator defined in the company’s Team Assessment)

Module 2

  • Key Indicator 3 & 4 (the two lowest indicators defined in the company’s Team Assessment not to include those indicators previously covered in Module 1),

Module 3

  • Key Indicator 5 & 6 (the remaining two indicators)


Sample Schedule (Topics will depend on the Team Assessment Results)

Week 1:     Welcome Session & Team Assessment – Start

Week 2:     Team Assessment Results Review and Discussion

Week 3:     Communication – The Communication Loop™ (Model)

Week 4:     Communication – Active and Reflective Listening

Week 5:     Communication – Team Centric – Ladder Technique for Listening

Week 6:     Communication – Navigating Conflict – Identifying the Sources and Conflict Styles

Week 7:     Communication – Types of Decision Making

Week 8:     Communication – Productivity Norms

Week 9:     Structures – Effective Meeting Types and Processes

Week 10:    Structures – The DOSE – a Huddle for Effective Connection

Week 11:    Structures – Effective Email Norms for Teams

Week 12:    Structures – Creating Meeting Norms for Effective Engagement

Week 13:    Structures – Team Centric Time Management

Week 14:    Structures – How to Make an Effective Presentation

Week 15:    Review of Key Principals & Team Assessment – Final

Week 16:    Team Assessment Final Results Review and Final Exam


Learning Objectives:

  • To provide training solutions to empower and equip employees with job specific soft-skill training for professional development. As a result of our Team Assessment, the Vital Statistics Report™, we develop a plan specific to the two key areas where a company requires soft-skill development.
  • The Module contains a Team Skills Assessment at the beginning and at the end of training to track performance results within each soft-skill area.
  • Training includes an interactive online team page for increased engagement and learning.
  • Team members have the benefit of connecting with their trainer to discuss the impact of their new learned behaviors, so that teams make changes in the way they interact, enabling them to produce more effective results.


Team Assessment

Participants will be assessed with the Team Assessment, the Vital Statistics Report™ both at the beginning and the end of the training. Participants will also be polled within each module to track ongoing learning and retention and engagement.



This image illustrates some of the features of Vivo’s Team Assessment


Team Productivity Training Page

Training includes an interactive online team page for increased engagement and learning.


This image illustrates a typical team page, an opportunity for participants to access training tips and techniques, link to the previous session recording, watch a video-tip, or participate in a poll, review the next sessions play-of –the-day plus, ask Vivo any question that they require increased clarification. Offering participants and your organization a library of content specific and relevant to participant need.


Anticipated Outcomes

Customers report between 12-20% increase in each indicator over a 4-month training path. Team members are communicating at a higher level, solving problems prior to asking managers for input/final decision, experiencing less stress and enjoying the practical application and new behavior associated to the skills.

Total Module Training Hours = 32 hours


Course Pricing

$1,997.00 per Participant per Module (32 hours over the course of 4 months)

Includes proprietary assessment (delivered twice), models, content, eBook, online platform for training delivery plus ongoing polls, tracking and live instructor and recording.

$5,991.00 per Participant for all 3 Modules (96 hours over the course of 12 months. Does not need to run back to back. Modules can be completed at the convenience of the participants).

Includes proprietary assessment (delivered after each module, models, content, eBook, online platform for training delivery plus ongoing polls, tracking and live instructor and recording.


Course Capacity (number of participants)

  • Minimum 10
  • Maximum 30
  • *When customers have more than 30 employees, Vivo develops an additional cohort.

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