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"The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them."

– Zig Ziglar


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We love data. It provides insight into the efficiency of your talent and workplace culture by clearly showing what’s working and what areas need improvement. Our initial assessment provides the data set that helps drive decisions about your team and leadership development needs. Not only interesting, our analytics are instructive GOLD!


Assessing again when training is complete shows the impact training has made on both individuals and your bottom line. It also ensures you see a measurable return on your training investment.


Effective, long-term learning is rarely achieved by a one-off event. Enter Spaced Learning, a new, research-based and highly effective approach to learning design and talent development.


A proven strategy to help people learn more quickly and remember better, Spaced Learning is a series of short, intense training sessions punctuated by an interval of no learning. When training reconvenes, the learning objectives are repeated so there is no “assimilation” lag time: learners can see change by practicing and implementing their training right away.


No same-old-same-old, pre-recorded learning here! All VIVO Team training and coaching is engaged, dynamic and instructor-led.


Guided in real time, all training is tailored to your specific needs, with leaders and their teams learning together. The online environment is ideal for unifying and building teams with members in multiple locations so that wherever there’s an internet connection, learning happens on the schedule you and your team set together.

Why develop your teams?

Professional training and development is a foundational piece of a company’s long term investment and growth strategy. To increase the success rate and consistency of how your teams operate, the key is effective training that changes behaviours while reinforcing a collaborative, results-driven culture.

Outcomes of VIVO

Team Training

Heightens employee
satisfaction & engagement

Employees are most satisfied when they’re given the skills and support they need to perform their duties with confidence. Our training is both theoretical and practical, meaning employees can apply learning and change behaviour right away.

Increases productivity

Implementing a successful system of training helps keep employees both knowledgeable and motivated. Well trained employees work more efficiently and are happier at work. Sharpening both their hard and soft skills is one key to maintaining their high productivity.

Provides integrated
workplace analytics

That which gets measured, gets managed. VIVO’s data collection shows people what they’re doing well and what needs improvement. It’s the data you need to support the change you want: those who know what’s driving the training value it.  When they can see what’s impacting their performance they’re motivated to participate and excited to be part of the shift.

Helps attract & retain talent

Effective training is a key retention tool, providing employees the opportunity to both learn new skills and hone existing ones. When businesses invest in their people, they feel valued and invest in the business in return.

Six  key indicators of

high performance

Business is about projects, and project completion is often a team effort. To consistently meet and surpass your business objectives, creating high-performing teams is crucial. Successful Team Development is both a science and an art. Research shows the best results are achieved when team leaders train alongside their team. Shared training means a shared language and skillsets producing a more cohesive and collaborative team overall. We work on team competence, motivation and collaboration within the context of six areas identified as key indicators of high performance:


Dependable communication strategies reduce misunderstanding, minimize work delays and enhance overall productivity. Critical to high team performance, VIVO Team provides communication models and a framework to identify mission critical information, navigate conflict, make decisions with confidence and nurture a collaborative team culture.

Feedback & Feedforward

Feedback is about what’s happened in the past while feedforward is about expected future results. Both provide essential information used to make important decisions and ultimately improve performance. VIVO Team teaches how to give and receive the most effective feedback and feedforward.


Efficient and successful teams depend on a structure everyone knows and anticipates. VIVO Team will guide you in creating a unified and streamlined process for conducting work within your organization. Teams will learn best practices to get the job done and we’ll provide a framework for how to conduct meetings, make decisions, prioritize activities, manage time and engage in meaningful ways.

Emotional Intelligence

In a work environment, the ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well as those of others is an important skill rarely taught directly. Without sacrificing team productivity or engagement, VIVO Team teaches leader assertiveness and trains team members to express their own emotions while navigating the emotions of others with empathy.


A cohesive work environment not only increases the likelihood of employee satisfaction and engagement but cohesive teams are more cooperative and successful in achieving the goals they set for themselves. To inspire and drive teams to reach their full potential, Cohesion training teaches members to work inclusively, develop their expertise and how and when to lean on others. Individuals also gain awareness of when to lead and when to follow in a team environment, essential learning for creating a sense of team unity and psychological safety.


Teams that hold each other respectfully accountable drive innovation, trust and productivity within organizations. VIVO Team teaches how to create a culture of accountability where team members support one another while addressing concerns immediately, directly and with courtesy.

Team Development

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Gallup estimates that only 1 in 10 people possess a naturally high talent to manage others. Gallup also found that organizations name the wrong person

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Seven out of ten respondents in a 2015 survey said that job-related training and development opportunities directly influenced their decision to stay with a company or not.

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A long-term research project commissioned by Middlesex University for Work Based Learning found that from a sample of 4,300 employees, 74% felt they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.

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According to research conducted by Gallup in 2014, only 13% of all employees are “highly engaged.” A full 26% are “actively disengaged.”

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