We love data. It provides insight into the efficiency of your talent and workplace culture by clearly showing what’s working and what areas need improvement. Our initial assessment provides the data set that helps drive decisions about your team and leadership development needs. Not only interesting, our analytics are instructive GOLD!

Assessing again when training is complete shows the impact training has made on both individuals and your bottom line. It also ensures you see a measurable return on your training investment.


Effective, long-term learning is rarely achieved by a one-off event. Enter Spaced Learning, a new, research-based and highly effective approach to learning design and talent development.

A proven strategy to help people learn more quickly and remember better, Spaced Learning is a series of short, intense training sessions punctuated by an interval of no learning. When training reconvenes, the learning objectives are repeated so there is no “assimilation” lag time: learners can see change by practicing and implementing their training right away.


No same-old-same-old, pre-recorded learning here! All Vivo Team training and coaching is engaged, dynamic and instructor-led.

Guided in real time, all training is tailored to your specific needs, with leaders and their teams learning together. The online environment is ideal for unifying and building teams with members in multiple locations so that wherever there’s an internet connection, learning happens on the schedule you and your team set together.

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."



Find your training mojo with our one-of-a-kind approach that brings together knowledge, theory and application in every session. Simply providing new information does little to affect change in employee behavior; to engage people and deliver the greatest benefit to your organization, productive training needs a hyper-personalized approach and a two-way learning experience.

Sessions are structured so that trainees are called upon to discuss, and actively participate in what’s being taught. Not only does this allow for individualized attention, but because of the back-and-forth nature of learning, employees are engaged in ways impossible to achieve in a traditional lecture-style approach. Each training ends with at least one key practice teams commit to and individuals can apply right away.


To become the most cohesive and highest functioning possible, teams and their leaders learn together. Grounded in practical models, techniques, case studies and resources tailored to your team’s needs, a Vivo Team expert trainer will help uncover team difficulties and guide collective shifts in understanding, process and behaviours.


Targeted professional development and learning for managers or leaders. A combination of group training and individual coaching, a Vivo Team expert helps increase the abilities and confidence of leadership teams and individuals with strategies and support that resolve real-time challenges.


Personalized, one-to-one coaching for both current and emerging executives. A Vivo Team expert will guide your professional development through the use of training, tools, assessments and resources. One-to-one coaching motivates changes in approach and behaviours while providing executives a framework to effectively prioritize while developing up-and-coming leaders within the organization at the same time.

“It was transformative learning, not informative learning. We learned, really learned how to change our team behavior. And we learned in a way we could repeat and measure.”
Catalin Velicea - Modo


You have training and development objectives. We have on-trend content, live delivery and integrated diagnostics. Although each stand-alone product contains a series of 3 to 4-month courses, our unique and targeted programs are designed to work collectively, stitched together to meet and match your needs with either a singular product or any combination of Team, Leader and 1-to-1 Development.

We listen, we measure, we analyze

Assessment 1 - Week 1

Teams and leaders create a Vital Statistics Report™ (VSR) by answering a detailed series of questions related to the 6 key indicators of high performance.

Analyze - Week 2

We analyze the results of the VSR, report our findings to team leads and management and together we place teams into targeted training modules.

Based on the analysis, we customize your training path

Training - Weeks 3-14

Our team, leadership and coaching products are all conducted once per week for 3 to 4 months. Each session consists of immediately applicable models, techniques, polls, scenarios, interactive role play, live Q and A and discussion. Laughs and good times go without saying (though we’re saying it anyway, just in case).

Assessment 2 - Week 15

Upon completion of the 3 to 4-month series we track and measure the impacts of the training or one-to-one coaching.

We report to both the leadership and the team, quantifying your return on investment

Report - Week 16

At the end of the 3 to 4-month cycle we present a full report that includes pre and post training analysis as well as an outline of the impact training has had on the key business results identified at the outset.

Team Page

Throughout training, participants have anytime-access to an online, personalized team or leadership page containing all communications, recorded sessions, content and questions covered to date.

Next Module

The final report will make clear what the next training or coaching steps are for any team, leader or executive wanting to further their professional development.

"I had some assumptions about where we needed help, Vivo Team, with their people analytics, pin-pointed the issues of our teams and leaders, then outlined a training plan. Our investment has brought significant returns - to our meetings, to our leaders’ management styles, to engagement throughout the whole organization, and to our bottom line. The other benefit I had not anticipated was the positive impact on the rest of the company that didn’t do the training. Vivo Team is an effective partner, responsive, and highly engaged."
Kelly Sherman - President and CEO, Ecora Engineering & Resource Group Ltd.


A common language of skills to boost effective cultural behavior

Improved employee engagement, work performance, productivity and efficiency

Increased employee satisfaction, decreased stress and conflict

More revenue, higher earnings, increased shareholder value

Less wasted meeting time, timely project completion, greater customer satisfaction

Increased job retention and advancement, lower absenteeism and turnover

“Vivo Team’s platform provided an opportunity for our team to come together weekly, across North America in our different locations, learning more powerful communication skills and better structures for productive meetings."
Leslie Meingast, CEO TPD – WPO Member

A few of our wonderful clients.

“Vivo Team has brought to the forefront many things I already knew we had chosen to ignore. Vivo Team forced me to deal with team issues and has given me the tools to correct behaviours that should have been addressed a long time ago. It’s reassuring to know that Vivo Team’s support is just a phone call or an email away.”
Barbara Williamson, CEO Tritex - WPO Member