How to Design An Effective Meeting Agenda

I often get a meeting agenda when I work with a team. Someone has taken the time and intended to create an effective meeting agenda,  but I can tell you it was probably a waste – because it doesn’t identify the type of meeting they are having. It’s just a list of topics.

On teams, we require different types of meeting for different reasons . Sometimes the focus is tactical (a list of to dos), and sometimes the meeting is strategic and requires a lot of collaboration. If team members show up to a meeting without understanding the intention and expectations, it’s sure to be unproductive, confusing and probably frustrating!

There are several questions to ask yourself before creating your next team meeting agenda:

  • Does the meetings require discussion?

  • Is it a brainstorm session (does it require creativity)?

  • Is it a presentation that requires active and attentive listening?

  • Is there a decision that needs to be made during the meeting?

If you consider what the expectation is from the team, you are on your way to creating a more efficient and productive team meeting. If people understand what part of the meeting they are in and what behaviours to use, they can be more productive and engaged.

Give this agenda planning a try before your next team meeting and let us know if it helped you have a smoother, more productive team meeting.

– Renée Safrata

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