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Get Your Team to Speak Up in Team Meetings

Silence is a very expensive thing going on in the workplace. We often hear from leaders and managers that they just can’t get their team to speak up in team meetings.

For instance, a if a colleague says something and you may disagree with them but for some reason, you are afraid to express your disagreement out loud. Why are we afraid of speaking up?

Well, we have grown up in contexts (particularly in schools) where when we speak up, we get criticized.

It’s important for leaders and managers to set the expectation that every person has a voice in team meetings. Some members of the team may be silent because they are internal processors. To get the most out of your team meetings, effective leaders will call on each person and ask them for their thoughts/opinion on the subject.

What we want to develop in teams at Vivo is how to help people get a sense of psychological safety so that they can feel more free and open to speaking up rather than saying what’s on their mind. So you really do have to feel the fear, and do it anyway. It’s not going to be easy in the beginning. Practice it, do it, it becomes easier – just like anything else.


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