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The Secret to Successful Team Meetings: Appreciations, Difficulties & Final Statements

Appreciations, difficulties and final statements. That’s what we teach at Vivo Team as a technique to close down each and every one of your meetings.

It’s really important as an employee, manager or leader, that you all participate in giving appreciations, difficulties and final statements.

Here’s why:
If we give everyone in the room the opportunity to say something at the end of the meeting, they close that meeting down for themselves and they can get on with the rest of their day.

If we give people the opportunity to give immediate feedback, we have an understanding of how that meeting went. This is also a chance for each person equally express this feedback whether they are a fellow co-worker, or we are a leader and/or manager.

It’s really important to encourage that two-way dialogue and to set the expectation that each person in the meeting must voice their appreciations, difficulties and final statements. This will also help the team to overcome the fear of speaking up.

A final statement is something that you’d like to say to close down this meeting for yourself. Perhaps it is something that you would like to say that you didn’t have a chance to say while everyone else was talking during the meeting.

An appreciation is something that you liked about the meeting, which is really great feedback for everyone to hear what went well in the meeting. It can also sometimes be surprising to hear and help the person who is running the meeting build their competence.

And finally, a difficulty, something that you are still having difficulty with or you just need to say.

By encouraging people to put forward their appreciations and difficulties, you are actually also getting them to practice giving feedback and feedforward. That’s another added bonus to this effective meeting structure.

Give it a try in your next team meeting and see how it goes for you!

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