What We Do

Our full spectrum learning experience develops competence, motivation, and collaboration among your leaders and teams through live, online training, coaching, and people analytics. The content and format are based on the latest, proven research in learning and development.

Why Vivo Team

● Our award-winning Vital Statistics Report (VSR) measures and analyzes how teams and leaders are performing.

● Spaced, interactive training sessions fit seamlessly into the work day so participants can implement the tools right away.

● Facilitators bring a disciplined leadership approach to delivering content tailored to your unique needs.

A few of our wonderful clients


We are Creators
Our thoughtful and innovative approach to tackling new challenges results in impactful solutions.

We are Leaders
Our passion and energy inspires our drive to achieve results for our team, our company, and our clients.

We are Champions
Our success stems from our ability to build relationships, connect, collaborate, and celebrate across geographies.


Create the best workplaces;
Inspire culture champions.

To measure and develop competence, motivation, and collaboration among leaders and teams.

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