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"The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them."

– Zig Ziglar


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About Vivo Team

Vivo Team has developed the first proven Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive learning experience platform. It measures how team and leader behaviors contribute to the bottom-line.

Our team has come together from across the globe, and a variety of industries, and offers a modern, contemporary approach. Our diverse set of skills and global experiences give us a unique perspective and allows us to spot problems and find solutions others miss. We are united in a common goal:  a deep passion and drive to create highly functioning teams in the workplace.

Vivo Team Member Renee

Renée Safrata

CEO and Founder

Over the past 31 years, Renée has worked with over 250 companies and 2000 business executives throughout North America, helping them connect and adopt new behaviors to become confident members of highly functioning teams. She firmly believes that this philosophy of connection is what ultimately drives productivity and contributes to company results.

After 11 years in the interior design business, Renée shifted careers to consult to CEO’s, COO’s, executive management teams, senior teams, associations and entrepreneurs to build more focused, engaged and results-oriented collaborative teams.

Renée recognized from her work in the field, the trend and future demand for digital workplace learning. She spent two years researching the market and analyzing the trends and developing the business plan for
building out version one of the analytics before launching Vivo Team.

Vivo Team Member Jim

Dr. Jim Sellner

PhD., DipC. – EVP, People Analytics & Talent Activation, Trainer/Team Facilitator, Executive Coach/Mentor

With over 40 years experience working with and training over 3,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders, Jim’s sole purpose is to Bring Out the Genius in People. Jim is a respected thought-leader, author and speaker and his unique psychological/behavioral perspective provides Vivo Team with a solid, practical philosophy. He has published more than 1600 articles and 3 books including “Leadership for Einstein’s: Bringing Out the Genius in People While Becoming Great Ourselves.”

Jim was originally trained and worked as a city planner, then moved on to being on faculty at the University of British Columbia. Then he went on to obtain an MA and PhD in psychology.

Dr. Jim was in private practice for 21 years before starting a business that grew to $1.2M. Early in life, Jim realized that relationships are everything, and hold endless possibilities – to be good, bad, ugly or beautiful. He also realized that the main reason relationships sour, whether in business, friendship or love, is incompetence. Time and time again, Jim has seen first hand what you get when you put a group of interpersonally incompetent people on a team and let them loose: an expensive mess. Jim cleans up messes (hopefully before they happen) by building Vivo Team’s learning content and focusing on team and individual applications that help teams become more interpersonally effective.

Vivo Team Member Erin

Erin Berube

VP Operations

A wearer of many hats (Management, Operations, Marketing, Product Development, HR) at Vivo Team, they say All Roads Lead to Erin. Since Vivo Team’s inception, she has helped lay the foundation for our exceptional reputation for client service excellence through her unique blend of tactical and strategic vision, organizational excellence and leadership abilities.

Her ability to maintain order and keep everyone working together has been her key to success.

She came from an award-winning career in television production, digital media and social media where she spent fifteen years managing productions and digital projects and diverse teams working under heavy pressure and tight deadlines. As Vivo’s General Manager, Erin’s specialty is bringing order and calm to dynamic teams and projects. She strives to create an environment of success and accountability without stifling creativity and innovation.

Samantha Homenick

Sales Director

Samantha is a highly accomplished, top performing sales leader with over 20 years of demonstrated success in sales and sales leadership. Her passion is helping businesses succeed and takes a consultative approach with our clients in order to help them solve their “people problems” and support them in realizing their strategic objectives.

Samantha takes a lot of pride in building a cohesive, highly engaged and functional team, which aligns perfectly with the work we do here at Vivo Team.

Mandeep Sandhu

Account Executive

One of the most rewarding aspects of life for Mandeep is to foster strong relationships with others. He believes that when we’re able to understand the needs and drives of others, we can collectively work to overcome obstacles and achieve greater levels of success. Having worked at varying types of organizations, from Fortune 500 down to the startup level, Mandeep is skilled at working with a diverse range of individuals and organizations; this allows him to align the right solutions to existing challenges by understanding the unique needs and obstacles standing in the way of others’ success.

Having finished a Finance and Entrepreneurship degree at Simon Fraser University, he found himself working with clients at RBC Royal Bank where he was able to refine his sales and communication skills to help others realize their financial goals. After a few years there, he shifted gears to start a health technology business of his own before transitioning into tech sales at Realtor.com. His last role was at Faronics Technologies working within enterprise sales, after which he traveled through Southeast Asia for a few months before joining Vivo Team.

Tee Komsa

Customer Success Manager

Tee has an extreme passion for organization, leadership, and building relationships. After completing her undergraduate degree in English Literature with a minor in Law and Justice from Algoma University, she comes to Vivo Team with professional experience in operations, sales and social media.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie (small town in Northern Ontario), she relocated to Toronto to pursue her goals and develop her career. Tee is an enthusiastic individual with the gift of gab. Outside of her professional life, Tee is passionate about the arts and has been dancing since the age of 3. As Vivo Team’s Customer Success Manager, Tee strives to build the best relationships with clients with her keen attention to detail, outgoing personality and genuine excitement to help companies achieve their goals.

Vivo Team Member Jennifer

Jennifer Deane

Trainer, Team Facilitator, Executive Coach

Jennifer is a certified coach with 17 years of experience bringing out the best in leaders and teams through coaching and targeted training and development. At Vivo she helps teams to develop their skills in the area of communication, feedback & feedforward, team structures, emotional intelligence, accountability and cohesion. She works with leaders to develop their ability to “bring out the genius” in the people they lead.

Central to Jennifer’s approach is the idea that all leaders must be exceptional listeners and communicators in order to inspire positive change. She believes organizations are training grounds for developing engaged world citizens and stewards of our planet. At the foundation of all of her work lives her core belief that the most effective way an organization can attract and engage their people is to foster a culture of coaching and accountability.

In addition to her initial coaching certification obtained in 2002, Jennifer acquired Professional Certified Coach status in 2016.

Petra Mayer

Trainer, Team Facilitator, Executive Coach

Petra started as a Trainer and Executive Coach with Vivo Team Development in 2016. Her wealth of experience stems from 30+ years in corporations of all sizes. As a certified professional coach and consultant in the eLearning space she adds valuable insights to our team.

Her expertise as a facilitator of multi-national groups across multiple organizations stems from her position with the oneworld airline alliance. Since starting her practice she has worked with numerous companies of various sizes on Business and Digital Strategy and eLearning.

Petra serves our corporate clients on all levels of the organization as a Leadership and Team Trainer and Executive Coach, holding them to account in a direct, yet respectful way.

Petra is fluent in German and English. She has lived and worked in four countries on three continents and holds a degree in business from Hochschule München (1992), a Global Executive MBA (2001) from Lancaster University and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC, 2013) from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

Vivo Team Member Monika

Monika Becker

Trainer, Team Facilitator, Executive Coach

Monika draws from 11 years of experience as a coach and trainer in corporate and private practice adding a lively sense of clarity, possibility and pragmatism to the Vivo Team. One of her strengths lies in turning challenges into win-win-win situations with manageable, clear forward movement for all parties involved.

At Vivo Monika trains and coaches leaders and teams in key areas like communication, emotional intelligence, and accountability, and supports them in taking responsibility for their own behaviors and results. Her work is driven by her desire to provide the education, guidance, and accountability necessary for her clients to become more engaged, effective and – in the end – more satisfied in their work and beyond.

A true European, Monika is fluent in German and English, and has good knowledge of French and Italian. She has a background in horticulture, tourism and translations and is a published author of two books for hobby gardeners. A trained Horticultural Engineer (University of Hanover, Germany) Monika also obtained training at Langara College, BCIT, and Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC.

Vivo Team Member David

David Yudis

PsyD, MBA, – Executive Coach

David is a relentless builder of the personal bridge that connects high potential leaders to outcomes that exceed every expectation. He has a depth of experience working closely with global, senior executives to build  the skills that inspire others to align and win during challenging times. He is nimble identifying areas of individual, team and organizational need while leveraging existing strengths to achieve results. He is expert in working with leaders in the areas of organizational culture and dynamics, interpersonal communication and executive branding to bring about change. He is also a master facilitator designing process and delivering programs in strategy, innovation and succession planning. David’s talent development is grounded in his experience as a senior human resources executive and management consultant in a variety of organizations and settings. He combines both art and science in his approach to problems. He has worked extensively as a global advisor to senior management of highly competitive organizations that range from small cap to large multinational corporations comprised of thousands of employees. It has been said that “education” sets us free. David Yudis has used education to bring freedom to other lives. He never stops because he believes that all of us are responsible; that all of us have the power to create the lives that our hearts and minds most want to have.

Vivo Team Member Jens

Jens Nilausen

Executive Coach

Before branching out to the consulting business in 2009, Jens has held senior global leadership positions in Sales, Marketing and Business Development, having worked on five continents and lived on three.

With an established track record of achieving growth during significantly challenging economic periods and helping business leaders do the same, Jens believes in achieving results through a clear strategic vision and implementation through exceptional team alignment.

In his consulting business and with Vivo, Jens uses his vast experience and skill working with CEOs develop and executive their strategic plans.

Jens is chairing a number of Peer Mentoring Groups for Business Owners and CEOs with Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) providing support for a broad range of Business and Personal issues. A powerful solution to C-Level challenges.

He is fluent in English, French & Danish and has strong knowledge of German. Jens is a volunteer with the MBA Leadership Mentor Program at the University of BC, Sauder School of Business. and a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals.

Vivo Team Member Greg

Greg Nichvalodoff

Executive Coach

Greg Nichvalodoff provides executive coaching and leadership development, both nationally and internationally to a broad spectrum of business clients and is a requested speaker on organizational and leadership development issues. Greg specializes in Corporate & Executive Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Management Consulting, Business Diagnostics and Strategic Planning.


With a Masters of Business Administration (2005) with a specialization in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management (2003) from the University of Phoenix, Greg has achieved over twenty years of outstanding results in a wide variety of business roles, ranging from Branch Manager, Chief Operating Officer up through Chief Executive Officer, in the financial services, oil and gas, and forestry industries.


Greg is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Professional Certified Coach, PCC (International Coaching Federation), Certified Professional Coach CPC (Erickson Coaching College) as well as a Certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Consultant.

Vivo Team Member Taylor

Taylor Lang


In rural Saskatchewan during the 1980s, there wasn’t much in the way of high-tech entertainment – a problem that the young Taylor solved by reading everything, and creating new stories when there was nothing left to read. An incessant why? asker, it was natural to seek answers for every question, and this ultimately led to an interest and a degree in linguistics – combining logic and creativity, facts with theories, and concrete structure with abstract thoughts. Serving multiple roles over the last five years – at times a teacher, proof-reader, editor, copywriter, creative/language consultant, or even a screenwriter and lyricist – his main goal is always the same: to figure out what you really want to convey, and to find the best way to turn your thoughts into the perfect text.

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