Vivo Team’s proprietary Vital Statistics Report (VSR) illustrates the cost of lost productivity, pinpoints specific strengths, weaknesses, leader gap, and other factors which contribute to the costs of lost productivity.

Teams and leaders create a VSR by responding to a detailed series of statements related to the 6 key indicators of high performance: Communication, Interactive Feedback, Accountability, Emotional Intelligence, Structures and Cohesion.

The full assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and is used to identify areas where teams could use improvement in team and leader productivity.

We analyze the results of the VSR, report our findings to team leads and management and together we place teams into targeted training modules.

The Vital Statistics Report is validated by the University of British Columbia Statistics Department

Example of a 6 Key Indicator section


Effective communication is the lifeblood of a team, so when it breaks down, it’s a crisis. Teams that effectively communicate decrease project error and interpersonal conflict. In an environment where individual team members or multiple stakeholders bring competing needs and assumptions to the table, poor communication (exchange of information) can quickly result in frustration and inefficiency.

Common Symptoms Of Ineffective Communication Are:
· Individuals interrupting or talking over others in meetings.
· Individuals remaining silent when decision-making is required.
· Team meetings that are not balanced forums for discussion.

Communication is one of the six key areas we evaluate. Here is how we break it down:


This graph shows the comparison of the collective team survey results vs. the leader survey results to see if the team and the leader are aligned on the team’s performance.