Time Blocking with Tee Komsa

Name: Tee Komsa

Role: Manager of Client Experience & Product Delivery

Favourite Productivity Tool: Time Blocking

Why: As someone with a lot of to-do’s, time blocking keeps me focused and efficient. Time blocking is an absolutely critical part of my day. In Client Experience, I’m constantly working on client programming and projects that are at different stages and timelines. Focusing my efforts in my day on my top priority client tasks and projects ensures my success—I can’t live without it!

Slack with Erin Berube

Name: Erin Berube

Role: Vice President Operations

Favourite Productivity Tool: Slack

Why: As a 100% remote team, Slack is a critical tool in our productivity tool kit. It’s our communication window into the rest of the team and it supports my productivity by letting me know what my team members are up to, or if they are available without having to ask. We achieve this through our daily updates channel and through our use of notifications.

As the team grows, things change and we adjust our norms. Just recently, we received some feedback that team members who have been here longer were using a lot of acronyms in their Slack messages, making it difficult for new members to understand. We established a new norm and responded to change with resilience—improving our communication and our productivity!

Digital Whiteboards with Lynn Redmond

Digital brainstorming in-action:


DOWNLOAD: Best practices PDF

  • Name: Lynn Redmond
  • Role: Director of Marketing
  • Favourite productivity tool: Digital whiteboards
  • Why: Interactive digital whiteboards, like Google’s Jamboard, support and enrich virtual brainstorming sessions, creativity, and team collaboration.Plus, you don’t have to worry about needing to erase the whiteboard for the next meeting, and you never run out of space for your ideas—you can just keep adding a new board!