Why 1-to-1 development?

Tailored executive coaching and professional development for leaders and senior executives.

We coach one-on-one to accelerate the performance of middle managers and top executives. Measurable growth that’s fun, motivational and totally unique.

Executive 1-to-1 Development is essential for improving performance and developing all-star managers and leaders. Like all Vivo Team products, 1-to-1 Development is live and online, meaning it can conveniently happen anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Outcomes of Vivo Coaching


Accelerate your ability to lead and deliver. 1-to-1 Development is for those who want to enhance their ability to confidently lead teams, influence others and bring results.


Raise your own accountability and performance as well as that of your direct reports. If employees are not delivering what’s needed, 1-to-1 coaching can help solve the problem.


Move from being a tactical leader to a strategic one. Strategic thinking encourages you to take the long view, planning for process improvements, cultural changes and generally improving your competitive advantage.


Develop practical skills and strategies to build and lead highly productive teams. Learn how to best nurture and contribute to your team’s success.