Leverage new learnings with group coaching

An essential element in accelerating the development of middle managers and top executives, Vivo Team performance coaching results in measurable growth that is enjoyable, motivating, and unique.

What + Why

● Performance coaching has a positive impact on one’s professional and personal life.

● Based on the 6 Key Indicators of Highly Functioning Teams (communication, interactive feedback, structures, accountability, emotional intelligence, and cohesion) and our Leadership for Einstein’s Model.

● Teams and leaders complete a Vital Statistics Report (VSR) at the beginning of their custom program to diagnose, analyze, prescribe, train, track, and measure participants’ relevant issues and to monitor changes over time. The VSR results also inform the subsequent coaching sessions.


● Accelerated ability to lead and deliver

● Confidence to lead teams, influence others, and generate results

● Improved accountability and performance

● A shift from tactical leadership to strategic leadership

● Positive cultural changes

● Increased competitive advantage

● Practical skill and strategy development

● Ability to build and lead highly productive teams

● Nurture and contribute to team success

Integration Offerings

1-to-1 individual performance coaching sessions
Personalized 60-minute performance coaching sessions based on the executive or senior leaders objectives and current situations.

1-to-2 coaching (multi-annual Leadership Development Programs)
Two leaders are paired up with a Vivo Team coach with the objective of (a) personalizing the learning, (b) sharing learnings, and (c) making connections across the organization.

1-to-4 coaching (multi-annual Team Development Programs)
Team coaching in which four team members meet virtually with a Vivo Team executive coach in a 60-minute online session to transfer learning, share experiences and make connections.

"I really look forward to the 1-to-2 coaching. We focus on ourselves and how to manage difficult situations or conversations. This has helped us develop stronger professional working relationships.”

- Michelle Stuart, Accounting Manager, Mowi Canada West