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We love data. It provides insight into the efficiency of your talent and workplace culture by clearly showing what’s working and what areas need improvement. Our initial assessment provides the data set that helps drive decisions about your team and leadership development needs. Not only interesting, our analytics are instructive GOLD!


Assessing again when training is complete shows the impact training has made on both individuals and your bottom line. It also ensures you see a measurable return on your training investment.


Effective, long-term learning is rarely achieved by a one-off event. Enter Spaced Learning, a new, research-based and highly effective approach to learning design and talent development.


A proven strategy to help people learn more quickly and remember better, Spaced Learning is a series of short, intense training sessions punctuated by an interval of no learning. When training reconvenes, the learning objectives are repeated so there is no “assimilation” lag time: learners can see change by practicing and implementing their training right away.


No same-old-same-old, pre-recorded learning here! All VIVO Team training and coaching is engaged, dynamic and instructor-led.


Guided in real time, all training is tailored to your specific needs, with leaders and their teams learning together. The online environment is ideal for unifying and building teams with members in multiple locations so that wherever there’s an internet connection, learning happens on the schedule you and your team set together.

Why 1-to-1 development?

Tailored executive coaching and professional development for leaders and senior executives


We coach one-on-one to accelerate the performance of middle managers and top executives. Measurable growth that’s fun, motivational and totally unique.


Executive 1-to-1 Development is essential for improving performance and developing all-star managers and leaders. Like all VIVO Team products, 1-to-1 Development is live and online, meaning it can conveniently happen anywhere there’s an internet connection.

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Accelerate your ability to lead and deliver. 1-to-1 Development is for those who want to enhance their ability to confidently lead teams, influence others and bring results.


Raise your own accountability and performance as well as that of your direct reports. If employees are not delivering what’s needed, 1-to-1 coaching can help solve the problem.


Move from being a tactical leader to a strategic one. Strategic thinking encourages you to take the long view, planning for process improvements, cultural changes and generally improving your competitive advantage.


Develop practical skills and strategies to build and lead highly productive teams. Learn how to best nurture and contribute to your team’s success.

1-on-1 Development

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A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.

Benefits of coaching:

  • Improved working relationship with direct reports 77%
  • Improved working relationships with immediate supervisors 71%
  • Improved team work 67%
  • Improved relationships with peers 63%
  • Improved job satisfaction 61%
  • Conflict reduction 52%
  • Improved organizational commitment 44%
  • Improved relationships with clients 37%
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A study of Fortune 500 companies found that 21 to 40% utilize Executive Coaching; Coaching was used as standard leadership development for elite executives and talented up-and-comers.

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Top 3 reasons for engagement:

  • To Develop high potentials or facilitation transition – 48%
  • Act as a sounding board – 26%
  • Address a derailing behaviour – 12%

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