Connect 2020 Team Program

Vivo Connect 2020 Manager Program

Navigate your work life better so you’ll have time and emotional energy to focus on the rest! Enjoy six engaging live, virtual instructor-led sessions, twice a week (30 minutes each).


Stay connected and foster open communication, cohesion, and accountability with your dispersed co-workers and managers. Our Connect 2020 Team Program explores the 6 key indicators of being an effective and efficient team member.

Think of this as a mini-conference, where you can learn from, be inspired by, and share your struggles and successes with others who are in the same boat. PLUS these skills aren’t just useful now, they will remain relevant to any job, team, or working situation in your future.

We deliver live, instructor-led online training guided in real time using spaced learning techniques. All training is tailored to your specific needs in an engaged and dynamic way.

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Stepping forward and COMMUNICATING to my team

The importance of active and effective listening in gaining a clear understanding of what actions need to be taken.

STRUCTURING my day to connect with teams and projects

The art of time blocking and the effect it has on your productivity and transparency among your team and projects.

Staying COHESIVE: Asking for what I need and relying on others

Being aware of your strengths and expertise and knowing when to step up to use them.


The five steps to emotional intelligence and how to use them to connect with your team.

Navigating your responsibility and ACCOUNTABILITY

Owning your seat at the table and regularly bringing forward your individual contributions to stand out on your team.

Providing quality FEEDBACK to my manager and co-workers

Behaviours that have a positive impact vs. those that have a negative impact on my team and professional progress.


“Things seem to be settling in a little, but the further we get into this new normal, the fuzzier things will get. You must keep connection with your team so you don’t feel like you’re flailing out there on your own. We are physical distancing, not team social distancing.”

– Renée Safrata, Vivo Team CEO & Founder