Why develop your leaders?

The most successful companies in the world have a culture of ongoing leadership development. Why?

Leaders create environments that drive performance. They motivate and enable those they manage. Today’s business environment requires everyone to perform at their best, especially in the areas of creativity, innovation and breakthrough thinking. These outcomes only come from leadership that’s highly engaged.

The 4 kinds of leaders we train


An emergent leader is a strong performer who’s been identified as having leadership capacity or they may be an individual preparing for their first management role. Let us coach, train and develop their leadership understanding and skills for the best outcomes individually and for the organization alike.


Involved in the daily supervision, planning and administrative processes that help your company meet its business objectives, a senior leader is someone who already knows how to lead. A move to the executive deck may be imminent or they may need support around shifting culture or building more effective teams. Vivo Team training and coaching can help with that.


Due to unforeseen circumstances and often based on their technical knowledge, an accidental leader is someone who’s unexpectedly been assigned a leadership position. Let us help prepare them for their new role and give them the foundation they need for success.


Executive leaders are those individuals directly responsible for fulfilling a company’s organizational goals, creating and implementing strategic plans, spearheading product or service development and directing big-picture decision making. Now provide them targeted coaching on how to develop and nurture new leaders or successfully manage succession planning.

How we help

Every successful organization or business exists, thanks to great leadership. In alignment with big picture business strategies, a good leader focuses teams, inspires performance and creates a positive and motivated work environment. Ongoing leadership development is vital to the success of your business.

Teams are a reflection of their leaders. Good leaders boost employee engagement, increase trust, build better relationships and get more done in less time. Talent development is simple: The better your leaders, the higher functioning your teams, the better your business results.

We’re committed to ensuring our training is relevant to your leaders real-time, real-life issues. 60% of the Vivo Team Leadership Development program consists of practical training models, scenarios and techniques in an online group setting, while 40% consists of each learner receiving one-to-one coaching to work through specific workplace issues. The combination of theory and practical, applicable tools is meaningful and immediately useful.