Why partner with Vivo Team?

Performance improvement • Return on investment (ROI) in dollars • Multi-directional learning

Programs + Offerings


Train and coach leaders to build productive teams.


Increase the success rate and consistency of how your teams operate.


Tailored for leadership development and senior executives.

Shine Online! Live Sessions

Explore tangible performance concepts to deliver online in a way that excites and engages your audience. Learn to inspire quality participation and how to bring energy and personality to every presentation.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Vivo Team’s LXP is the resource hub for program participants during Vivo Team programs.

The online platform facilitates the self-directed learning and engagement components of Vivo Team programs.

Participants are asked to log-in weekly to access and engage with program-specific elements including:
• Hot Sheets
• Pre-session tasks
• Videos
• Content session recordings
• Answer polls
• Ask questions via the Coach Connect feature

“My favourite part of Vivo Team training was the connection it offered among all of our various teams. On top of encouraging positive communication inside the training tutorials, it also provided groundwork for the narrative to continue outside the sessions.”

- Navi Guraya, Director of Sales Operations, Coromandel Properties