Vivo Talks are designed to bring proven and sophisticated learning content to your audience in an easily digestible manner. Each topic is presented in an entertaining and engaging manner, customized to your audience.

Vivo provides learners with the level of learning they require. Similar content is provided in a different format to either employees or leaders. The talks provide participants with new learnings, time to digest the content and allow them to make meaningful connections to apply the learnings in their workplace.

Here is a menu of offerings, if you have a particular interest let us know and we will create a best practice learning path for your audience.

The Secret to Cohesive Teams: Future of Training and Development Inside Your Workplace

Does your organization have strategies in place to leverage the Power of Teams?

Vivo’s CEO, Renée Safrata, with 30 years of entrepreneurship and a passion for vital, productive teams and leaders, will provide data-driven case studies to show how you can unlock the secrets to team performance.

This workshop is essential for those who are passionate about increasing team and leader performance, reducing cost and changing the culture of their workplace to be highly accountable and productive.
Participants will:

  • Learn how to improve the performance of teams that require optimizing
  • Learn why the soft skills are more important than technical skills
  • Discover why teams are the future of every organization (we have the stats to prove it!)

Prior to the talk, each participant will be asked to complete a 5-minute diagnostic on a team within their organization. The data from the participants attending the talk will be used to customize the content to be most relevant to the participants in attendance. Renée will also share the aggregate data to give a picture of the current state of the teams within the room.

Each participant will receive an individual report on their team.

Accountability: The Science of Human Performance

Avoiding conflict and creating a culture where being liked is more important than being respected (in other words, trying too hard to be ‘nice’) can lead to lack of accountability in a team. As a result, staff produce low-quality work, miss deadlines, and engage in passive-aggressive conflict, causing team productivity to plummet.

In this informative, interactive talk, you will discover how to motivate – not punish or cajole – people so that they become volunteers and not “voluntolds”. People want to be productive – for themselves, for the team and for the company.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Hold people accountable so that it inspires them to be eager to come to work and motivated to perform
  • Work the “Six Steps to Painless Accountability Improvement”
  • Hold people to account so both individuals and teams come together and create a sense of belonging that produces the right results.

These ideas are at the heart of what we at Vivo call Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance – professional, respectful methods of getting things done and achieving desired results. Account-Ability is a way of doing business – a way of doing life – should you choose to take the assignment.

Communication: How to Effectively Listen to Increase Team Productivity and Collaboration

When teams aren’t communicating effectively, it leads to a sick environment of information hoarding, resentment by those who aren’t kept up to date, bad planning and inefficiency. The team ends up working at cross-purposes or unaware that others are taking on the same task.

In this Vivo Talk we help participants identify where communication is breaking down and give them effective techniques to start to create a team culture of clear communication.

Participants will:

  • Learn a 5-step model for effective conversations.
  • Use listening techniques that ensure clarity and understanding of one another and most importantly, become aware of the impact and cost of poor communication.
  • Learn how to resist the temptation to make assumptions – and instead to be curious about what other people think.

Feedback/Feedforward: The Essential Key to Keeping Projects On-Track While Developing Great Talent

One of the most important skills effective team members use is the ability to provide and receive feedback between one another. People need to know that they are taking the right actions and making the right decisions, or they must be given direction on how they should change their actions. Unfortunately, team members often get so caught up in completing their own tasks that they forget to take time to provide feedback to their peers, or they lose their perspective and ability to give effective feedback. And at times, people shy away from giving (and taking) feedback because they associate it with negative criticism.

In this Vivo Talk we will teach participants the difference between feedback and criticism and the power that regular feedback can have on the health of a team.

Participants will:

  • Learn a proven model for giving and receiving effective, regular feedback and learn how to engage in a process we call ‘feed-forward’.
  • Learn how to overcome the negativity associated with feedback by teaching people how to be more sensitive in how they broach their feedback and to be less
    defensive in how they receive it.
  • Discover how to set up systems where regular one-on-one feedback can take place, so that it becomes part of the team’s culture and not something that only happens annually.
  • Learn techniques that allow participants to use the process of giving and receiving feedback as a way to learn more about themselves and about their team members.

Emotional Intelligence: How to Manage Workplace Floods and Volcanos

People who are passionate about what they do bring strong emotions with them to the workplace. Used effectively, those emotions can be powerful motivators that drive team members towards success. But when those emotions veer towards the destructive, they can damage relationships and tear teams and companies apart.

In this Vivo Talk we will teach participants how to be aware of, control and manage their own emotions at work for the benefit of their team.

Participants will:

  • Discover how to identify the early warning signs of workplace emotional eruptions.
  • Learn a model for developing team and personal emotional intelligence. Become aware of their own emotions and emotional triggers and how to self-manage them.
  • Learn a methodology to become more empathetic to other people’s emotions. This opens the door to being able to provide feedback and support, increase awareness of one another and encourage cooperation while focusing on leader assertiveness, so people are aware of when and how to assert their viewpoint and opinion to move project results and the team forward.

Structures: How to Stop Over-Meeting So That You Can Digest and Collaborate More Effectively

A well-run meeting can inform and motivate teams and create a culture of collaboration. However, unfortunately, most meetings aren’t well run: they’re an ineffective waste of time. They are either haphazard (called only when there is a crisis); too rigid (held at a set time, always, whether there is something on the agenda or not); or focused on one-way communication (leaders pushing out messages that may or may not be useful to the people in the meeting).

In this Vivo Talk we will teach people the importance of creating and maintaining structures in all areas of the organization to build transparency and accountability in all areas including meetings, decision making and email norms.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to Implement weekly one-on-one tactical meetings to motivate teams and provide direction,
  • Replace ‘meetings’ with D.O.S.E’s – short, frequently held, Direct Ongoing Swift
  • Encounters – where team members give quick reports on what they are doing and what challenges they’re facing,
  • Learn how to host meetings designed to raise engagement and productivity.

Renée Safrata


As an entertaining and personable speaker, Renée brings her expertise and deep passion for teams to every audience. Participants leave with new insights into organizational health, the relevance of investing in teams for bottom-line performance, team-centric best practices, employee engagement and the 6 key indicators for highly functioning teams.

Whether you’re in the midst of a culture change, developing leaders, or simply interested in learning something new and thought-provoking, Renée will engage and add value as a keynote speaker.

With nearly 30 years of consulting experience, Renée has worked with over 250 companies and 2000 business executives throughout North America, helping them connect and adopt new behaviors to become confident members of highly functioning teams. She firmly believes that human-connection and talent development is what ultimately drives productivity and contributes to company results.

Renée is the founder and owner of Vivo Team Development, a digital performance management solutions company that offers corporations the ability to analyze team productivity, identify areas for improvement and provide targeted team-training solutions. Vivo Team’s platform diagnoses, trains and analyzes team performance to build teams and develop leaders.

Vivo Team proudly won WEConnect International’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2014.

“Renée engages and entertains all types of audiences with her practical VIVO Talks. She blends case-studies and easy-to-apply techniques while responding to participant’s day-to-day challenges. Her style is casual but don’t let that fool you, she packs a punch of value at every turn. My TEC group gave Renée rave reviews.”

Barbara Mowat | President, Impact Communications Ltd.

Founder | TEC Chair | WEConnect International | Women Presidents Organization



  • Go for the Greens – Orlando
  • Women’s Presidents Org
  • WBE Canada
  • WeConnect Canada
  • Young Presidents Organization
  • Entrepreneurs Association
  • Human Resources Professionals of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • GroYourBiz; Ontario & BC
  • COO Forum; BC
  • Interior Designers of Canada’
  • MacKay Group CEO Forums

Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC.


If you are looking for an impactful speaker who will grab your audience’s attention, pull-them into the content and have them laughing in the midst of learning at every turn, Jim is the speaker for you.

Dr. Jim Sellner’s sole purpose is to Bring out the Genius in People. Rarely do you find a man as energized by his 40 years experience of working with over 3,500 entrepreneurs and business leaders. What makes Jim different is his no nonsense approach, his ability to keep things simple and encourage people to consider what they are doing and how a change in behaviour may get a significantly better result. Jim is an engaging speaker, with a wealth of experience, sense of humour and participatory style who cuts through the noise and focuses on making a lasting impact. He has authored more than 1600 articles and 3 eBooks including “Leadership for Einsteins: Bringing Out the Genius in People While Becoming Great Ourselves.”

Jim is the VP of Learning’s and Applications for Vivo Team Development, a digtal performance management solutions company that offers corporations the ability to analyze team productivity, identify areas for improvement and provide targeted team-training solutions. Vivo Team’s platform diagnoses, trains and analyzes team performance to build teams and develop leaders.

“Dr. Jim Sellner, was the best MacKay Group speaker we have seen to date. He had members do pre-work online and kept it interactive throughout”

Don Holmstrom | President | Value Drivers



  • MacKay CEO Groups
  • Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)
  • EO Indonesia
  • Young Presidents Organization (YPO BC)
  • FS Financial
  • Cactus Club Cafe
  • BC Business Men’s Forum Group
  • Interior Designers of Canada
  • TIO Networks

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