High-performing teams are essential to consistently meeting and surpassing business objectives.


● Heightened employee satisfaction and engagement

● Increased productivity

● Integrated workplace analytics

● Attract and retain top talent

● Positive changes in behaviors

● Reinforced collaborative, results-driven culture

“The virtual delivery of the program was extremely beneficial to our organization. We were able to train all levels of management and supervisors throughout the year, providing all of our managers and leaders with the same consistency in development.”

- Carrie Froehler - Vice President, People, Planning and Public Relations, Portage College

Key Program Features

Vital Statistics Report (VSR)

Anonymously measures how well team members and their leader are functioning together within the six key indicators of highly-functioning teams (communication, accountability, interactive feedback, structures, emotional intelligence, and cohesion). Within each of the six key indicators are measures of competence, motivation, and collaboration.

1-to-4 Coaching Sessions

Performance team coaching where four team members meet virtually with a Vivo Team executive coach in a 60-minute online session to transfer learning, share experiences, and make connections. These 1-to-4 coaching sessions allow participants to further explore the content, apply the learning, and make it more applicable to their workplace. Participants are also encouraged to bring forward challenges during these sessions.

Hot Sheet

A supplemental one-pager outlining key session concepts in a bite-sized format.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

On-demand, customized resources including micro-learnings, learning models, curated video content, session recordings, and Coach Connect—where learners can anonymously ask Vivo Team executive coaches for advice.

Customer Success

Our dedicated Customer Success Team leads and manages all program logistics—delivery, participant operations, and regular reporting via insight huddles and analytics.

Transfer of Learning Commitments

At the end of each content session, participants are asked to share “One Thing” they will commit to do as a transfer of their learnings into their day-to-day work. In the next content session, each commitment is reviewed—gaining insight into the transfer of learning and providing participants suggestions for further improvement. Ongoing check-ins and consistent feedback provides measurement of learnings and success of on-the-job application.