Your Virtual Swag Bag!

In the bag November 17

Ready, S.E.T., Empathize! | Empathy Self-Assessment | People Managing People interview: Build a better world of work by valuing and developing your team | Connect! It has positive affect. | Manager Minute: Empathy Unlocks Cohesion | Bring Your Humanity to Work Day | Aim To Win podcast: Creating High Performing Teams | Ask Dr. Jim: It’s wise to empathize

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Virtual Swag Bag Archive


In the bag October 20

Emotional Intelligence: The Oxygen of Leadership | Manager Minute: Turning Managers into Leaders | Boost your Leadership Skills with Self-Awareness | 6 Power Skills You Need To Be An Effective Leader | Developing the Modern Learner | Podcast: Confessions of a Sales Pro with Ian Selbie | Podcast: Greater Vancouver’s Business Podcast – Building a high-performing team | Podcast: Leading Through Crisis: Responsive Business with Renée Safrata | Ask Dr. Jim: Developing Leaders

In the bag September 22

The Eisenhower Matrix | PRACTICAL GUIDE: Balancing Long-Term Objectives with Short-Term Plans | Manager Minute: Prioritize Permission | Digital demands are growing—your virtual toolbox should too! | UPCOMING PANEL: Become a Desirable Employer | Ask Dr. Jim: Prioritizing Priorities

In the bag August 18

How’s Your Self-Awareness? Quiz | Psychological Safety: A Win-Win for Employee Wellness and Performance – guest article for Training Industry | Manager Minute: Languish, Live, Learn | Ask Dr. Jim: Energy Booster

In the bag July 21

Accountability is Multi-Directional | Guest Blog by Chemistry Consulting Group: Building a Culture of Accountability to Drive Results | Manager Minute: How about Accountability-ism? | Leadership in Economic Turbulent Times—Trending Insights for Pender & Howe Executive Search | Ask Dr. Jim: What About Work? | Best Startup Canada Interviews Renée

In the bag June 16

Behaviors vs Personality: Why it matters for TEAM SUCCESS | Roundtable: Don’t make decisions in the dark. | Do Your Behaviors Align with Your Company Values? The Boutique with Collective 54 | Manager Minute: Celebrate the Small Stuff! | Ask Dr. Jim: Believe What You Hear

In the bag May 19

What are People Analytics in L&D? | Manager Minute: Doing Nothing Costs $$$ | How Effective is Your Team? | Roundtable: Meetings are a waste of time! | Our People Analytics are Vital! | 10 Hot Takes from Visier’s Outsmart Summit | Ask Dr. Jim: K.I.S.S. Your Data

In the bag April 22

8 Things Great Leaders Do | Manager Minute: Don’t Stress! | Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce | Roundtable: Accidental leaders will happen! | Vivo Team Productivity Picks with Tee Komsa | Ask Dr. Jim: It’s Not Fair!

In the bag March 17

Feedback Fuels Change Resilience |Manager Minute: Feedback is a Game Changer | Top 5 Trends in Learning & Development | Shift Happens! 5 Ways to Navigate Change | Productivity Picks | Learn How to Shine Online! | Ask Dr. Jim: Make the Unknown Known

In the bag February 17

Virtual Onboarding | How to Shine Online! | 5 Tips for Virtual Meeting Success | Productivity Picks | Ask Dr. Jim: Hybrid Hype

In the bag January 20

Team Alignment all BS? | 6 Things You Need to Build a Successful Cross-Functional Team | Manager Minute: Make Some Magic | NEW FEATURE: Vivo Team Picks | Is your team aligned? | New Year = New Partnerships! | Need some guidance?



In the bag December 9

6 Key Indicators of a High-functioning Hybrid Teams |Psychological Safety | Holy Shift! | Who Are Your Culture Champions? | Fostering Connection on Remote and Hybrid Teams | What is a VSR? | Manager Minute: You’ve Been Voluntold! | Ask Dr. Jim: No Show | It’s a Hybrid World! | Inclusion = Cohesion

In the bag November 10

Holding Yourself and Others Accountable | Actionable Accountability | Poll | Manager Minute Mini Series: Meet Prepared! |UPCOMING EVENT: 3 Easy Tech Tips for Running Hybrid Meetings |Vivo Team Celebrates 9 Years! | Ask Dr. Jim: Accountable Hypocrites

In the bag October 14

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! | Level up! | Manager Minute: How are your leaders? | The “Great Resignation” and its impact on the legal industry | Ask Dr. Jim: Developing Leaders

In the bag September 16

6 Key Indicators of a High-functioning Hybrid Team | We Won: Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Awards |Manager Minute: Receiving Information |What is a VSR? | Ask Dr. Jim: K.I.S.S. Your Data

In the bag August 19

Inclusion = Cohesion | Manager Minute: Curiosity = Cohesion | Creativity = Cohesion | Ask Dr. Jim: Connection = Cohesion | Free Webinar: It’s a Hybrid World | See…it is a Hybrid World!

In the bag July 22

Holy Shift! | Manager Minute: Don’t Let Change Weigh You Down! | Poll: Where are you working? | Returning back to the office: key considerations Q&A | Ask Dr. Jim: Ch-ch-changes | We are only human

In the bag June 17

Psychological Safety: A Win-Win for Wellness and Performance | Manager Minute: Languish, Live, Learn | Quiz: How Empathetic Are You? | Diversity and Inclusion is Everyone’s Responsibility | Ask Dr. Jim: More Work or Working More? | Gimme a Break!

In the bag May 13

Fostering Connection on Remote and Blended Teams | Manager Minute: Culture Champions | Guest Blog Feature: Who Are Your Culture Champions? | Ask Dr. Jim: Building Remote Work Culture |Vivo Team News!

In the bag April 8
What’s Your Preferred Learning Method? | Manager Minute: Develop Your Employees | Upcoming Event: Vivo Team’s Shine Online! for CFA Society Vancouver | Ask Dr. Jim: Connect Casually

In the bag March 25
Expand your virtual tool box | Vivo Team is Still Rocketing! | Manager Minute: Stage a Breakout! | CheckingIn Challenge | Ask Dr. Jim: Zoom Zombie?

In the bag March 11
4 Quick Wins for Your Team | Manager Minute: Captain Of Communication | Upcoming Event: BC Wine Industry Insight Conference 2021 | Ask Dr. Jim: No Show | The New Leadership Dance Involves a Lot of Pivoting: Chemistry Consulting Group

In the bag February 25
5 Things You Gain From Coaching | Manager Minute: What Do You Need? | Coaches Corner: Petra Mayer | Ask Dr. Jim: I’m Skeptical

In the bag February 11
Coach vs. Mentor: What’s the difference? | Manager Minute: Remote Mentorship | Ask Dr. Jim: Coaching/Mentoring Virtually  |  Coaches Corner: Jennifer Deane

In the bag January 28
The Road to Good Intention: Development Areas  | Upcoming Events: Shine Online! and Business Crews | Manager Minute: You’ve Been Voluntold | Ask Dr. Jim: Team Goal Setting  |  Content Spotlight: Chemistry Consulting Group

In the bag January 14
Try Our 30-Day Meeting Challenge | Online Training…it’s as easy as 1-2-3! | Manager Minute: Minimizing Zoom Fatigue | Ask Dr. Jim: Spice it up!


In the bag December 10
TOP TEN LIST! Please enjoy our TOP TEN most downloaded, read, and viewed content over the past 23(!!!) issues. Happy holidays and I hope you continue to enjoy your Swag Bag!

In the bag November 26
Feedback Self-Assessment | Manager Minute: Always Follow up! | Ask Dr. Jim: Feedback Insecurities | Event: CETA Business Summit | Vivo Team Turned 8 | Thinking Inside the Box Podcast

In the bag November 12
The Cost of Sidetracks and What to Do About It | Manager Minute: Activating More Feedback | Ask Dr. Jim – Deflecting | TAG-ED Virtual Event Video: These 3 “F” Words Bring Out the Best in People

In the bag October 29
Digital Visibility Tools and Techniques + Poll Results: What tools are you using? | Manager Minute: Where is Everyone? | Ask Dr. Jim – The Bigger Picture | TAG-ED Virtual Event: These 3 “F” Words Bring Out the Best in People

In the bag October 15
That’s My Jamboard: Google’s Interactive White Board | Poll: What tools are you using? | Manager Minute: Level the Playing Field | Global Affairs Canada: How Vivo Team achieved European trade success during COVID-19 | Ask Dr. Jim – What About Work? | Make It Safe Virtual Conference

In the bag October 1
Predict the Future With These 3 Letters | Client Profile: Mowi Canada West | Manager Minute: Aligned Team Magic | Chemistry Consulting Group article: Using Learning and Development to Strategically Grow Your Workforce

In the bag September 18
Client Profile: Portage College | What Are People Analytics in L&D | Manager Minute: Invest in Many | Ask Dr. Jim – K.I.S.S. Your Data | Visier Research Report: How People Analytics Drives Learning and Development

In the bag August 27
Vivo Team Wins Prestigious International Awards | The Secret to Successful Team Meetings | Manager Minute: Celebrate the Small Stuff | Ask Dr. Jim – Energy Booster | Career Development – Charting a Path That Foster Retention

In the bag August 13
So, how empathic were you? | Manager Minute: Are You a Flight Risk? | Ask Dr. Jim – Ch-ch-changes | People Analytics in L&D: It’s Not Just About Learning – Online Talk

In the bag July 30
Empathy Self-Assessment Quiz | Manager Minute: Change it UP! | Ask Dr. Jim – Feeling Fatigued | 6 Things You Need to Lead Through a Crisis – Online Talks

In the bag July 16
What is Team Cohesion | Manager Minute: Receiving Information | Ask Dr. Jim – You’re Yelling | HR Leaders Virtual Summit

In the bag July 9
The 7 Cs of Communication | Manager Minute: Empathy Unlocks Cohesion | Ask Dr. Jim – Connection + Cohesion | HR Leaders Virtual Summit

In the bag July 2
5 Things Accidental Leaders Can Do to Succeed | Manager Minute: How are your accidental leaders? | Ask Dr. Jim – Developing Leaders | Podcast: Renée chats with Colin Stewart from Predictable Revenue

In the bag June 25
The Future Workplace – White Paper | Manager Minute: So, now what? | Ask Dr. Jim – Feeling Nervous | Podcast: Renée chats with Colin Stewart from Predictable Revenue

In the bag June 18
Quiz: How accountable are you? | Manager Minute: Let’s Reflect | Ask Dr. Jim – Stand Up!

In the bag June 11
Feedback, Feedforward, and Follow Up | Manager Minute: What the Hell is Feedback? | Ask Dr. Jim – Get Out There, Keep Breathing!

In the bag June 4
The Video Test – What is it and why use it? | Manager Minute: Now is the Time to Step Up | Ask Dr. Jim – Believe What You Hear

In the bag May 28
Top 4 Tips for Effective Time Blocking | Manager Minute: Back-to-Back-to-Back Meetings? | Ask Dr. Jim – More Work or Working More?

In the bag May 21
The Recipe for Emotional Intelligence | Manager Minute: Team Centric Emotional Intelligence | Ask Dr. Jim – Building Remote Culture | Interview: Renée talks Manager Connection with the Brandon Hall Group.

In the bag May 14
The 5 Conflict Styles and When to Use Them | Sadly, This is Where Conflict Starts | Ask Dr. Jim – Can I Stay Home?

In the bag May 7
How to Shine Online! | You’ve Got the Tools, Use Them | Ask Dr. Jim – Say Cheese!

In the Bag April 30
6 Steps to Effective Decision-Making, Manager Minute: Filtering Out the Disagreement, Any Global People Analytics Workshop, and Ask Dr. Jim: Give Yourself a Break.

In the Bag April 24
What is a D.O.S.E., Shift Happens (video), Ask Dr. Jim: Keeping Your Team Motivated, and Ready to Rocket Announcement.

In the Bag April 16
9 Tips for Running A Virtual Meeting, Brandon Hall Group Talks to Our CEO, and Ask Dr. Jim.